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A community-maintained list of digital services from the UK government.

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Births, deaths, marriages and care

Business and self-employed

Childcare and parenting

Citizenship and living in the UK

Crime, justice and the law

Driving and transport

Education, training and skills

Employing people

Environment and countryside

Housing and local services

Government Internal


Money and tax

Passports, travel and living abroad

Visas and immigration

Working, jobs and pensions

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest milestones

26 March 2024

Improve workload and wellbeing for school staff


31 December 2023

Trade with the UK: look up tariffs, taxes and rules

Service retired

21 December 2023

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK


21 December 2023

UKHSA data dashboard


12 September 2023

State of the Nation

Service launched

22 August 2023

Check if your client qualifies for legal aid

Service launched

16 August 2023

Report packaging data

Service launched

2 August 2023

Driver and vehicles account

Service launched

30 July 2023

Pay the Dartford Crossing charge (Dart Charge)

Service re-launched

21 July 2023

Access your teaching qualifications