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Births, deaths, marriages and care

Business and self-employed

Childcare and parenting

Citizenship and living in the UK

Crime, justice and the law

Driving and transport

Education, training and skills

Employing people

Environment and countryside

Housing and local services

Government Internal

Money and tax

Passports, travel and living abroad

Visas and immigration

Working, jobs and pensions

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest milestones

7 March 2023

Apply for support for alternative fuels

Service launched

27 February 2023

Apply for energy bill support

Service launched

2 February 2023

Help to Grow: Digital

Service closes

16 January 2023

Voter Authority Certificate

Service launched

7 December 2022

GOV.UK One Login

Service renamed as GOV.UK One Login

28 November 2022

Civil Service Job share finder

Service closes and becomes part of Civil Service Careers site

22 November 2022

Refer serious misconduct by a teacher in England

Service launched in beta

21 November 2022

GOV.UK Prototype Kit

Version 13 released with significant changes

6 October 2022

GOV.UK Forms

First form launches

3 October 2022

Apply for a Veteran’s ID Card

Passed alpha reassessment