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Get the data

You can get the list of government services as data - useful if you’d like to do some analysis or build further tools.

Get the data (JSON)

You can re-download the data using a script if you need to keep your data up to date.

How to use the data

The list of services is returned as an array within the services key.

Metadata for each service
Key Description
slug A unique key for each service
name The name of the service. Generally this is taken from the name in the header.
synonyms A list of alternative names for the service. These may be previous names, or names given on the GOV.UK start page.
organisation The organisation or organisations responsible for the service. This is always returned as an array.
phase The status of the service. Generally either Alpha, Beta, Live, Retired or Unknown
theme A topic under which the service falls.
start-page A list of start pages on GOV.UK for the service, if known.
liveservice The URL for the service, generally its homepage or first question page.
sourceCode An array of links to source code, if known. Each item in the array contains a link as href and a description as text
timeline Further metadata containing dates of when the service passed service assessments, went live, or other significant milestones.